Our history is out there... 
 It can be found in cemeteries, attics and basements... 
 It can be found in libraries and databases all over the world. 
 How do we make sense out of these scattered gems of the past? 
 Pastology presents a new way to connect all of us.... 
 back to our culture, back to our history... 
 ...back to our stories.  
 Pastology... our past awaits. 
 Pastology... our past awaits.

Launching beta this Spring, 2012. 

Welcome to Pastology

Pastology is a new internet based genealogy/history software site dedicated to bringing researchers and historical elements together. We not only serve as a storehouse and access point for newly digitzed collections, but we also provide a way to connect all of the existing historical gems sitting out there in cyberspace. The connection feature alone will allow users to put all of these elements together in a cohesive and contextual manner that creates a more intuitive resource. For now, that is all the sneak peek we can give you as our developers are hard at work, hoping to launch a beta edition this fall, 2010. As we grow closer to launch, we have set up several communication methods to not only keep you up to date as to our progress, but will also provide news tidbits and tips about the genealogy, digitization and historical research fields. This is where Pastology has already begun serving the research community.....and we hope to provide a little fun along the way! Look for all of the official venues of communication available on our Contact Us page. It's already time to start the journey of connecting our past.....so what are you waiting for?

Pastology....our past awaits!

Celebrate Family History Month with your
Facebook Doppelganger

Pastology.com is home to the original and official Ancestor Doppelganger Celebration that is held each year during the month of October in celebration of Family History Month. Participation can take place in Facebook or on your blog! The official rules are below.

In honor of family history month, Pastology would like you to dig through your family photos and find that ancestor that best resembles you! For the month of October you can change your profile picture in Facebook or blog about your Ancestor Doppelganger. While a doppelganger is usually someone who resembles you on the outside, Pastology is also allowing those ancestors who you might resemble on the inside. So regardless of the type of doppelganger you choose, here are the instructions:

1. For changing your Facebook profile photo, change the photo and then copy and paste the following into your status: Changing my profile picture to celebrate Family History Month! Pastology asks....who's your Ancestor Doppelganger? The Ancestor I most resemble is....

2. To blog about your Ancestor Doppelganger, devote one post to this event and then tell us about it by posting a link back to your blog on the event page or Pastology's fan page!

For those of you blogging about your Ancestor Doppelganger, we may choose some of the best ones to share link backs from the main Pastology site!

Contact Us

Contacting Pastology or keeping up with our development and content is easy! We offer several different methods as listed below:

Home page: http://www.pastology.com/

Blog: http://www.pastology.blogspot.com/
E-mail: support@pastology.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pastology/153234248023073?ref=sgm
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Pastology

Don't be a stranger! Join our groups and keep in touch! The greater the community, the more we can help each other!